The Small Business Channel is a global community of small business owners who connect and exchange resources to help each other grow and assist with financial support, economic development, business growth, and revenue generation.
Economic inequality has always affected small businesses. Small businesses struggle to access the capital and support they need to grow. We believe the success of small businesses is predicated on exposure to these economic opportunities, especially the ability to partner with larger organizations.

Our goal is to help reduce this economic disparity and grant small businesses within the Small Business Channel opportunities to overcome this adversity.
Our primary focus is to channel small businesses into economic opportunities available collectively that may not be available to them individually. We are strong advocates of the small business community by sharing our collective wealth of knowledge to ensure continued growth, development, and revenue generation.

We welcome you to join us on our mission to connect small businesses with resources and channel them into economic opportunities that may have otherwise only been available to larger companies.
We are excited to join you on this journey and wish you much success.

With warm regards,
-Jakki Dee